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To sign up to submit a topic and moderate a #slowchatED just fill out this form.

1. You only need to moderate/facilitate once. You are not locked into this for life. It’s a one week commitment working whenever you have time during the week. Some days during the week you might only spend >5 min on it.

2. You need to:

  • Create the questions
  • Promote it on Twitter: just a little remember this is a mellow, slow chat
  • Archive and curate the final results in any way you seem fit.
  • Post it as a blog post here and, if you want, on your personal site.

Once you are approved as a moderator/facilitator you will be sent a more detailed instruction sheet.

Thank you. Your involvement in slowchatED is necessary and appreciated.

One comment

  1. 5/11/15 – 5/17/15

    The Power of Choice in the Classroom

    *This chat will not only feature questions pertaining to student choice in learning but also choice in discipline/consequences, how we encourage students to make choices, and educators constantly being faces with tough choices, ourselves.

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