#EdTechWish, Jan 5- Jan 10 #SlowChatEd Topic

By Lindsey Lipsky, M.Ed.

Do you have a wish? As a former Special Education Teacher working in high-needs districts around the country, my wish in 2015 was for all schools to have the technology they so desperately need to create engaging schools and learners. Too often the highest needs schools have the least access to technology.  Why is that? This question (and a dinner conversation with my brother) prompted #EdTechWish.

Read the original #EdTechWish blog post here.

The entire premise of #EdTechWish centered around the thought that much of what comes out of Technology Design today usually is an education “accident” (hello iPads and Chromebooks). The business of technology design is, more times than not, just not centered around the classroom environment.

My twin brother, Ash, works for a high-tech Design and User Experience Firm here in Chicago and is an amazing technical designer and overall great person. While discussing new technology design over dinner one evening, my question to him was simple:

“Why does it seem like new technology keeps coming out that “accidentally” works well in the classroom? Shouldn’t Tech Developers (such as yourself) be reaching out to Schools/ Teachers/ Districts FIRST to create and design tech rather than the other way around?”

You can read a more tongue-in cheek version of this conversation in the original post.

The conversation got me thinking–What would happen if we started a chat on Twitter asking EDUCATORS what THEY want to see for new Tech in 2015 for help in their classrooms? Might this have an impact on the way technology is designed? Rather than having large Tech giants start projects that just so happen to work well for our classrooms, why not start by asking what schools/ teachers/ and classrooms need first?

And thus,  #EdTechWish was born.

Margaret Mead writes, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” With that in mind, how can we change the way Tech is designed for Education?

Please join us for the #SlowEdChat this week on #EdTechWish. Share your ideas and wishes for what technology you’d like to see in the new year, and maybe– just maybe, we can change how technology is designed for the classroom.

Please join the #EdTechWish conversation or follow me on twitter @lindseylipsky.


A big thank you to @ecsaibel for this amazing invite and @FarleyJeffrey for introducing me to #SlowChatEd. Can’t wait for our conversations this week! It’s an honor to work with you all!


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