The Moment — June 2 to June 7

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 3.09.02 PM

In the true spirit of this topic I will not be posting any links or extra readings.  

All you need is the present moment, some recall of previous moments,

and maybe projections of moments yet to be.  

Moderated by: @seenarich

Q1:  Why is staying in the moment so hard? Why is something so simple so complicated? 

Q2:  What specific thoughts or thought patterns buzz through your mind that keep you from the moment? Be real, be specific.

Q3:  How do we expect our Ss to be in the classroom moment when we have a difficult time managing our moments?  How do we show them? How does it work in your class?  How do we let them be where they are?

Q4:  Post a moment that you have today.

Q5:  How is being in the moment different than noticing “stuff” and being observant?

Q6: Describe a moment that reaffirmed working in Ed was worth it or the moment it clicked that this is what you were meant to do?

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