Hop in the water plug just for old time’s sake.

Recently on #SlowChatED, we contemplated the role of summer in the lives of teachers and students. We shared photos, told a few stories, and made future plans. Sometime during the week, a spirited conversation broke out about whether summer vacation was still a valid—and valuable—custom.

Here are highlights from the week.

Q1: Share and caption a photo (or video)  from a cherished summer memory of your own.


Q2: What are some ways you (or a teacher you know) have earned extra cash in summers past?

Q3: Some say summer break no longer makes sense, is a relic from a different era, and negatively affects learning. What say you?

Q4: What’s on your summer reading list? Photos or links please.

Q5: What were the growth or learning experiences of the summers of your youth?

Q6: What are you doing THIS summer? Photos and/or links preferred.

Thank you everyone who stopped by last week! Go enjoy Summer 2014, and see what you can do to make summer more meaningful for all the kids in your midst.

Finally, if you made it to the bottom of this post, and are of a certain age, I invite you to enjoy the following piece of pop culture nostalgia:

From Rich Hovey, #SlowChatED moderator for May 12 – 18

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