Keep On Teaching On

This is one of the more in depth responses to this week’s #slowchatED discussion on “ambition”, and I feel very strongly that it deserves a place here on our site. After all, wouldn’t our profession be a much, much better one if more of our colleagues held the ambition to just be the best teacher they can learn how to be? Give @tritonkory a minute of your time and kudos for being a light in the shadows.

Work In Progress

Something I’ve always said was a perk about living in a tiny, little town in the middle of nowhere is that it gives one plenty of country roads in the middle of nowhere to drive on all by yourself, which gives one plenty of time to think. Today I had a 25 minute drive on those country roads while heading to pick up my daughter at gymnastics practice.  Confession, during this 25 minutes of driving I bawled the whole time.

The reason why I bawled?  I’m a teacher who truly loves just being a teacher.

I should probably back up a little bit, as there is more to the story.  It started earlier in the day by this question posted by Jeffrey Farley (@FarleyJeffrey) in the #slowchated chat group on Twitter-Q3 What are your ambitions as an educator? Or have you “arrived”? Thinking about my answer to this question was…

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