Week 15 – April 5-10, 2014: Opening Statement – Ambition

Okay. There isn’t a lot of time. I’m a mad juggler here lately, and if I don’t push that pretty blue “Publish” button over there before I stand up, this “opening” post on the second day of the chat will never manifest. So here goes.

As I said in one of the opening tweets yesterday, I’ve wrestled with the concept of ambition in my life. Is it a good thing? Or is it a bad thing? As @randahendricks pointed out yesterday, ambition has historically been associated with the white-knuckled grip of the tyrant, the superficial climber who will stop at nothing to summit the social pyramid.

But then, for many of us, ambition is an admirable quality. It means that one is not content with mediocrity. It means that one is not content with the status quo and desires to change it.

I want to continue exploring this concept throughout the week. I want to see whether that traditional connotation remains in place for anyone. I want to know you all better as educators, humans, and friends, and it is my position that our ambitions tell a great deal about who we really are.

See you all week at #slowchatED.

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