CURRENT CHAT: Extending professional learning (above & beyond Twitter) 2/3-2/8

Extending professional learning (above & beyond Twitter) moderated by Catina Haugen

This week’s #slowchated will roughly follow Ramsey Musallam’s 3 rules (from his TED Talk) and we’ll twist it to our own professional learning.  Curiosity comes first: What are you curious about as a professional learner?  Embrace the mess: How can professional learning be messy?  How do we deal with the challenge?  Practice reflection: How do you reflect?  How can we get the most out of reflective practices?

Monday Q1: Curiosity comes first. What prof growth/skills/knowledge r you curious abt that you may/may not be investigating currently? #slowchated

Tuesday Q2: @ramusallam on TED shares rule #2: Embrace the mess. What is the ‘mess’ of prof learning? How do you manage it? #slowchated

Wednesday Q3: Rule 3: Practice reflection. Do you reflect on prof learning? How? With whom? At what pt in process? Goals? #slowchated

Thursday Q4: Do you share your prof learning w Ss? PD experiences? Reading? Convos? Should we? How? To what end? #slowchated #growthmindset

Friday Q5: So now what? A new practice? Narrowed focus? New ideas? curiosity+mess+reflection = now what? What did this wk’s #slowchated spark in you?


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