1. I’ve experienced this before. I never had a chat blow up, but when I ditched #rechat, it was after a year. We were getting too many tweets to read. I struggled to moderate — especially because I wasn’t even doing the Q1, Q2 style. It became a crowded room that occasionally turned into a mosh pit.

    When I was moderating #azedchat the other night, it was still small. It was still fun. Chances are, it will stay that way.

    I don’t think there is anything bad with a large chat. I joined #caedchat a few times. It splinters off into smaller, side conversations. While the moderating might be overwhelmed, the people having the chat are often having a great time. If they weren’t, nobody would be showing up.

  2. Here’s a comment taken from the question response spreadsheet: “Would like to expand the description a bit to ask how we can all – the EduFamous and “ordinary” educators alike – share the fame. The truth is that we live in a culture that glorifies #1 and some people are simply talented spokespeople leaders. That DOESN’T make them better and therein lies the issue. How to celebrate both sides of the equation?”

    1. I believe also that many in our community don’t speak up. I think this is the same reason it is so hard to get really great (not connected) educators on “The Twitters.” The EduFamous can be intimidating to the ordinary teacher, regardless of how awesomely approachable they are. And even among the connected some prefer to lurk and let the EduFamous pilot the ship. Maybe we need to suggest to our larger organizational affiliations that we begin to recognize those that are more comfortable behind the scenes, and not expect them to take up visible roles after the award if they choose to continue to do the thing for which they won an award.

  3. Thanks, David:

    Great post – I’m guilty of the “have to go…” tweet. Will think before I tweet next time!

    I think there’s an angle about why most of the EduFame stars are men and not women. I am curious about the culture of education and edtech that creates that.

  4. I tried this once in response to a @mrziebarth and thought it was a very cool idea although I was the only one who posted. I wonder if there’d be a way for contributors/posters to start different threads within the main topic. Sort of like a publicly developed mind map. Coming on mid week, I can pick a strand and/or start a new one. Just an idea. Something like Pearl Trees may allow it.

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